COVID-19 Information

Coronavirus UpdatE

In these difficult times, G&M’s purpose of serving the energy needs of California have never been more critical.

We want to assure you that G&M is committed to being there for our customers, especially when they need us the most.

We recognize that things are changing quickly in the communities we serve, but please know that we will do our best to be there for our customers and employees alike for as long as possible.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, our employee teams have been working non-stop to make sure that every one of our locations is stocked, sanitized, and staffed.

We have remained in contact with State and Local Health Agencies to monitor developments and receive guidance as it becomes available.

We have taken the following measures to keep our stores operating –

  • Increased the frequency of cleaning high touch surfaces.
  • Sourcing hand sanitizer to make available for customer use in our stores.
  • Working with our vendors to make sure that our stores remain stocked.
  • Suspending our Fountain Drink and Frozen Drink Sales, and cancelling our Coffee Refill programs to limit Virus Spread.
  • Providing our Staff with Health and Safety Requirements that can be used to limit the spread of virus or infection.

G&M will keep doing its part to continue serving the communities we live and work in for as long as the government allows us to serve our customers.

We urge everyone out there to stay safe and to keep your families closes as we all face something globally as a society together that has never happened before in human history.